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Up to two A4 pages of additional information may be provided with this application form only.

Please keep your application as simple as possible and avoid the use of technical terms, acronyms and jargon.
Please do not send booklets, copies of your organisations policies or electronic media such as DVDs or CDs. Applications should be accompanied by a copy of your most recent audited accounts and a detailed budget for the project.

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Basic Information

Main Contact Information

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Main Contact Information

Application Basic Info

Please limit your answer to 200 words. Please outline how your organisation will carry out the proposed work. If the funding is for a particular project, please give details of the scope of the project including the number of staff and volunteers involved. If not for a specific project then please give details of costings within your core budget.

Please outline how your application for funding relates to the relates to the needs of your beneficiaries, and provide as much evidence in 200 words. If the funding is for a particular project, please demonstrate how the project is a direct response to a need (or needs) that you have indentified. This might include a shortfall amongst other similar service provisions, the absence of a required service in your area or a change in circumstances amongst your potential beneficiaries. If the funding is not for a particular project (i.e. core costs) please summarise how your organisation meets needs in your area.

Please limit your answer to 200 words. Please privide as much detail as possible regarding who will directly benefit from this funding (this might include an estimate of the number of beneficiaries, the age of beneficiaries or the location of the services provided).

Please limit your answer to 300 words. This question asks you to demonstrate how this application fits your own charitable objectives, as well as with the Halsall funding criteria.

Outcome Assessment

Please list up to 4 outcomes that you expect to result from this grant: The Halsall Foundation defines an 'outcome' as the direct results to the service delivery and beneficiaries of the organisation that receives a grant from the Charity. In answer to this question, we simply ask that you list what you expect to come out of this grant in order to judge it a success. We will ask you to report against these measures at the end of your grant, or each year, whichever is sooner. Your list may include both qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Example outcomes might include:
  • assist 5 people to meaningful employment
  • provide housing/benefits/debt advice to 45 people
  • start a new volunteer support group in a North West or Highlands location

Financial Details

Maximum size 10MB. PDF, DOC, TXT only please

Maximum size 10MB. PDF, DOC, TXT only please

Additional Information

Please upload a photograph or photographs (optional). Maximum size 10MB. PDF, DOC, TXT only please

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