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Before reading our guidelines in full and making an application for funding to the Halsall Foundation, we recommend you check your organisation against this brief eligibility test to ensure you do not spend time preparing an application that does not fit within our funding criteria.

Where we fund

We operate exclusively within Lancashire. Only applications from charities, organisations and projects based in this area will be considered for funding from The Halsall Foundation.

Please note that local branches of national charities which are based within Lancashire, or programmes delivered locally by organisations working on a national basis, are not generally supported.

Who we fund

The Halsall Foundation specialises in supporting organisations helping children and families as well as the elderly, disabled and socially isolated. We will consider any work which has a positive effect on their welfare and quality of life, or which expands the opportunities and life choices for young people in this region.

Though the majority of the recipients of our grants are registered charities, we will also consider applications from other types of organisations which are pursuing charitable causes and where aims and objectives are ‘not for profit’. Whilst we recognise the need for specialist, professional care in some circumstances, preference is given to ‘hands on’ organisations with a high volunteer input.

What we fund

Grants may be considered for a range of purposes and could include:

  • Single awards for capital projects
  • Start-up* and/or ongoing running costs for specific projects
  • Multi-year revenue grants for core funding
  • Standard and wheelchair accessible minibuses are offered under the Smiley Bus scheme

The type, size and time period of the award is decided on the basis of the perceived ‘difference’ that our support will make to the organisation, to the project and to the targeted beneficiaries.

*Please note that whilst start up costs for new projects will be considered, generally an organisation must have been in existence for a minimum of two years and be able to produce audited accounts for the same.

It is important that you tell us in your application the full extent of the funding you really need to achieve your aims and objectives, in order for us to assess how best we can contribute.

What we don’t fund (exclusions)

In line with our funding policy and to ensure the most efficient use of resources, we do not fund the following areas of work:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts/Heritage
  • Conservation/Environment
  • Expeditions and Overseas Travel
  • General Fundraising Appeals
  • Individual and Sports Sponsorship
  • National Charities and large organisations *
  • Mainstream Education /Mainstream Sport
  • Promotion of Specific Religions

*Generally we do not support national charities or large organisations. The Foundation remains flexible with regard to its funding policy and the trustees’ view of what constitutes small to medium sized organisations may change periodically and is affected by the volume of applications.

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